Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Video of Asteroid Discoveries from 1980 to Present

This was taken from a very good website for interesting space happenings which features amature photographs of celestial and other sky related pictures. It is updated frequently.

This is a truly amazing video that gives the viewer an idea on just how many asteroids that are in our neighborhood.

Hopefully governments are investing in ways that will protect us, our children, and future generations from an eventual collision. The lessons learned from such an endeavour would surely be extremely valuable in our goal to explore farther out into space. No doubt, these new lessons would also help improve our lives here on earth, when you consider all the inventions(TV and microwave just to mention two) that have come from our efforts to explore space thus far.

Videos like this show that the human race is becoming aware of its surroundings, and gives hope for a great and extended future.

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