Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fusion Theory

Yesterday, I was watching daily planet and they were talking about where science is in regards to accomplishing fusion. They said that fusion is attainable, but not controllable. A Hydrogen Bomb is an example of fusion, only it is completely out of control. The Sun is powered by fusion.

Fusion is when there is enough pressure squeezing (center of the sun) Hydrogen atoms fuse together and become helium. The resulting energy blast is way more than the energy it took to squeeze the two hydrogen atoms together. This, if controlled, would open up a new world of possibilities.

The program was showing a new breakthrough in a method of concentrating lasers into a tiny place where they hope to ignite fusion.

As far as I can tell, when fusion occurs, energy (squeezing force) changes elements of matter from one form to another. If this power could be harnessed, I think it would be possible to actually make anything you want from a bunch of hydrogen. IE. food replicators like on Star Trek. The technology is not there yet, but, in theory it might be possible. Just a thought...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Mars Pics taken 8Jan/10 at 0700hrs at Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB
Mars was due west half way up in the sky. It was very easy to spot as it appeared as a bright red star in the west.

I find planets are very hard to get a good shot with the hand mount. They shake around no matter how much I hold it still. It does make for some interesting abstract art. lol

Telescope Pics

Top Left: Bay of Fundy with city lights. Top Right: Scope pointing at Mars to the west. Bottom 2 pics: Scope pointing at Moon. Pic on right the light above the scope is a ship in the Bay of Fundy.

More Eastern Region Moon Pics

Pics taken 8Jan/10 at Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB at 0600hrs

South Polar Region Moon pics

Pics taken 8 Jan/10 at Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB at 0600hrs

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny Videos about global warming

More info on Global Warming

Happy Birthday to Me!

Cake was awsome with chocolate ice cream. Thanks a million to Carla, Alexis, Brandon, Bradley, Sara, Pearson, and Lilly for making this a great Birthday.

Prince of Wales, NB Nov 1, 2009

Pics taken at around 2030hrs. The telescope is pointed at Jupiter which is a third of the way up in the sky to the SW. Jupiter and three of its moons are visible. The light is broken into a spectrum is the reason why you see differant colors on Jupiter. This is because the planet is too low in our sky. Our atmosphere breaks its light into a spectrum. If Jupiter was higher in the sky, weather lines would be visible.

Two members of our household zoo

Zues could be the most pathetic creature alive when hes getting a bath.

Halloween 2009

Kitten hunts turtle.

Bob the kitten hunts Fred the turtle. No animals were harmed during this picture shoot.

This is my telescope and a couple of moon pics.

Pic taken Oct 9, 2009 at 0830. 150mm Newtonian with Olympus FE-180 6.0 Megapixel camera. West Side Saint John, NB

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Food riots caused by corn based fuel

The food riots around the world are caused,IMO, by the disastrous decision to derive fuel from corn.

I have heard reports that in Central America that the cost of tacos has quadurpled almost overnite. Of course, tacos come from corn and this is one of the main foods for this region.

This has been under-reported

My view of H1N1 vaccine

Something is suspicious about the way this flu vaccine is being pushed on everyone. Its just instinct, but I do not trust this vaccine and I will not get the shot.

I read a newspaper article the other day that said, 'dont worry you do not have to prove that you got vaccinated to cross the border.' I took that to mean that they are going to be looking for documentation of vaccination to get into certain places.

H1N1 vaccine side effects

Floride in Tape Water


My First Blog

Hello. My name is David and I am an Amature Astronomer and a Citizen Scientist. The main purpose of this blog is to post my astronomy pictures that I take with my 150 mm Neutonian telescope. I use a simple Olympus digital camera that is hand mounted. I have been taking pictures for about a year now, and I have been following astronomy for about 14 years.

A Citizen Scientist is anyone who has a good interest in science and actively attempts to further their own personal knowledge of the many fields in science. You do not need a formal science education to be a citizen scientist, just a good interest and to be actively learning and practicing a science. There is so many excellent sources of up-to-date discoveries and new findings that this must be a golden age for science. Internet and Magazines provide a wide variety of very interesting topics and are all too easy to access.

My posts will include many other topics that I find interesting. I hope you enjoy.


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