Monday, August 2, 2010

Observing at Saint John, NB Aug 1/10

Location: Irving Nature Park

Date: August 1/10 2125-2220hrs

Weather: 15 Degrees Celsius, very few high level clouds, almost no wind, not very humid, a little fog.

Equipment: Kodak C190 EasyShare digital camera with tripod.

Attendance: Carla, David.

Report: The good observing weather has made it possible to follow the movement of the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn in relation to each other. Over the coarse of a week, it is obvious that Mars and Saturn are moving away from each other, moving left and right.

With the help of software, and the weather, good pics of Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper were possible. The Big Dipper was in the N while Cassiopeia was in the NE. If you look closely at the Picture of the Big Dipper below, the double star system in the handle is revealed.

The weather was excellent for observing, but there were a few mosquitoes around. Also, we seen two very small deer and a fox together as we drove into the park.

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