Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Persid Meteor Shower

The Earth entered a comet debris field on or before Aug 6 and will be travelling through it for at least another week.

I seen several shooting stars while observing on the night of Aug 6/10. One looked like a big basketball that came straight down in front of me while driving. There were others that showed that night while driving. Others were very fast moving small lines across the sky that appeared when I was taking pictures of the half moon near Aldebaran. M45 was visible above Aldebaran. That early morning also had Jupiter high in the south.

If you have a clear night keep a look out for shooting stars as we are now moving into the thickest part of the debris field. Also, look for the Venus Mars Saturn conjunction right after sunset. Venus is very bright as the sun goes down, then as it gets darker, the fainter Mars and Saturn appear above Venus. They don't stay up long, so be ready to look when the sun sets.

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