Saturday, September 19, 2015


Location:  Front Yard Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  September 18, 2015 1930-2200hrs

Weather:  Breezy, clear but hazy, lots of dew and mosquitoes 15-12C.  Cool enough to be Jacket weather.

Attendance:  Madison C, Jessica K, David M

Equipment:  8" Meade LX 200, telerad finder, piggyback camera attachment, Ioptron cellphone camera adapter, 2" 32mm eyepiece, 1.25" 25mm eyepiece with green light Moon filter, Canon Rebel Xsi and Samsung Nexus 4 cellphone camera.

Objective:  To view and image Saturn Moon Conjunction.


  • All three of us viewed the Moon with telescope and 25mm eyepiece with Moon filter.
  • I viewed Saturn with 32mm eyepiece.  Two Moons were seen and nice detail in Saturn itself. Imaged with cellphone camera attached to telescope.
  • Viewed M28 through 32mm eyepiece, kind of faint due to dew on mirror and hazy conditions.  According to Burnham's Celestial Handbook, "Globular star cluster, easily found in the low-power field of Lambda Sagittarii, about 0.8 degrees to the NW.  It was first noted by Messier in July 1764, and described briefly as a 'nebula containing no star....round, seen with difficulty in 3.5 ft. telescope; Diam 2 arc minuites'"
  • M45 starting to rise after 2200hrs in the East.
  • No Shooting stars or satellites were seen, many airplanes.
  • At 0500hrs pea soup fog washed out an early morning observing attempt.
Note:  Inspiration for referencing Burnhams Celestial Hanbook comes from observing pod casts by Astronomy Magazines' Michael E. Bakich.


Saturn with Cellphone camera.

Moon through cellphone camera.

Zoomed in Moon through cellphone camera.

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