Monday, September 7, 2015


Location:  Front Yard Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  September 5, 2015 2200-2330hrs AST

Weather:  Clear, no wind, some mosquitoes, lots of dew and 10C.

Attendance:  Myself

Equipment: 8" Meade LX 200 with telerad and 32mm eyepiece.  Canon Rebel Xsi with 18-55mm lens and an adapter for telescope.

Objective:  To view Messier Objects in Sagittarius.

  • No Moon until after midnight, skies were dark.
  • Aligned Scope on Antares which was low in the SW.
  • Viewed Saturn and Titan, which was in Scorpius.
  • Searched for M4 but could not find, possibly because it was too low on the horrizon.
  • Found M25 and viewed for first time.  A fairly tight open cluster, very bright in 32mm eyepiece.  No image taken.
  • Found M28 viewed and imaged for first time.  Fairly bright Globular Cluster smaller, not quite perfectly round and about half as bright as M13 which I have viewed many times.
  • M8 viewed and imaged.  A loose open cluster with many bright stars and some nebulosity to the lower right in 32mm eyepiece field of view.  Nebulosity which was dark in the eyepiece showed up red in image.
  • M13 viewed and imaged.  In Hercules, it was high to the West.  Very bright Globular Cluster, many stars could be seen with some standing out better than others.
  • One bright, fast moving shooting star was seen coming straight down, over Sagittarius.  A few satelites were seen.


Facing South West.

M28 Processed

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