Monday, September 14, 2015


Not very often do we get to see solar system bodies up close for the first time.  Before this summer, Pluto and Charon were nothing more than an out of focus white disk.  Now we can see them closer than we can see our own Moon from Earth!

Here are some newly released images from the New Horizons mission web page along with one of my images from an August 2nd, 2015 observing session, for comparison.

NH image of Pluto and Charon.  Appears like Earth and Moon in size difference...

NH image of Charon with its Copernicus-like craters.

My image of The Moon from Aug 2, 2015.  Note the odd looking, spidery rayed Copericus resembles craters on Charon.

NH image showing size comparison between the Earth and Pluto Charon.

High resolution NH image of substances (white colored) that appear to be flowing on Plutos surface

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