Saturday, January 2, 2010

My First Blog

Hello. My name is David and I am an Amature Astronomer and a Citizen Scientist. The main purpose of this blog is to post my astronomy pictures that I take with my 150 mm Neutonian telescope. I use a simple Olympus digital camera that is hand mounted. I have been taking pictures for about a year now, and I have been following astronomy for about 14 years.

A Citizen Scientist is anyone who has a good interest in science and actively attempts to further their own personal knowledge of the many fields in science. You do not need a formal science education to be a citizen scientist, just a good interest and to be actively learning and practicing a science. There is so many excellent sources of up-to-date discoveries and new findings that this must be a golden age for science. Internet and Magazines provide a wide variety of very interesting topics and are all too easy to access.

My posts will include many other topics that I find interesting. I hope you enjoy.

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