Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fusion Theory

Yesterday, I was watching daily planet and they were talking about where science is in regards to accomplishing fusion. They said that fusion is attainable, but not controllable. A Hydrogen Bomb is an example of fusion, only it is completely out of control. The Sun is powered by fusion.

Fusion is when there is enough pressure squeezing (center of the sun) Hydrogen atoms fuse together and become helium. The resulting energy blast is way more than the energy it took to squeeze the two hydrogen atoms together. This, if controlled, would open up a new world of possibilities.

The program was showing a new breakthrough in a method of concentrating lasers into a tiny place where they hope to ignite fusion.

As far as I can tell, when fusion occurs, energy (squeezing force) changes elements of matter from one form to another. If this power could be harnessed, I think it would be possible to actually make anything you want from a bunch of hydrogen. IE. food replicators like on Star Trek. The technology is not there yet, but, in theory it might be possible. Just a thought...

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