Sunday, November 3, 2013


Location:  Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  November 3, 2013 0500-0830 hrs

Weather:  Light to heavy snow, thick clouds started to break up at 0730 hrs.  Gusty, light to moderate winds blowing to the west.  Temperature stayed about the same at a little above 0 degrees Celsius.

Equipment:  None

Attendance:  Myself

Objective:  To view and image the partial solar eclipse through the 8" Meade LX 200 solar filtered telescope.

Report:  After hearing Curt's talk last night at the monthly Saint John Astronomy Clubs monthly meeting, detailing the sun rise to 0814 hrs partial solar eclipse, this observer got up at approximately 0500 hrs to get ready for this phenomenon. As the Comet ISON and 3 other comets rise in the east with Mars in Leo, just before sunrise, it was going to be an excellent morning for observing.

As it were, at 0500 hrs it was lightly snowing with solid clouds covering the stars.  Between 5 and 6 the snow got heavier, then suddenly stopped.  The website Intellicast was utilized to view the satellite images of the cloud situation for our area.  It showed a solid line of clouds moving across the whole east coast, moving from SW to NE with the closest clear skies in Northern NB somewhere south of Edmonston stretching up to the St Lawrence Seaway.

At this time it was decided to not make a relocating attempt to achieve the objective.  Simply too far, in fact it was impossible to drive that far before sun rise which was about 0700.

Just after sunrise, the clouds started to break up, ever so slightly.  By 0750 there was a thin patch of blue sky showing to the NE.  The Sun actually peaked from behind the clouds at 0822 hrs.  By 0900 it was a beautiful, almost clear morning with a very slight breeze.

This partial solar eclipse could not be observed from this location.  Maybe next time

Notes:  No shooting stars or satellite or stars were observed during this session.  Daylight Savings Time ended at 0200 hrs.  The extra hour in the morning was very nice to have for a change.

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