Saturday, June 10, 2017


Location:  Front Deck, Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  June 3, 2017 2230-2430hrs

Weather:  Mostly clear to partly cloudy, breezy, a cool 5C, lots of dew, no bugs.

Equipment:  Canadian Telescopes 80ED/APO on Vixen Alt/Az mount, 19mm eyepiece, camera adapter.  Canon Rebel Xsi with 18-55mm lens, and tripod.  Images processed with ArcsoftMediaImpressions.

Attendance:  David McCashion.

Objective:  To view and image a close pairing of the Moon and Jupiter, and to view a double shadow transit of Jupiter.


  • Moon was waxing gibbous, very bright and about two degree above Jupiter.  Nice detail could be seen along terminator with one very well defined crater that stood out in the eyepiece.
  • While Imaging Moon, noticed that Jupiter was close enough to be in the same field of view!
  • Only one of Jupiter's Moons could be seen, very close to the gas giant.  Looked very closely across face of Jupiter, but could not locate a shadow that was suppose to be on the Planet from one of its Moons.  Io and Ganymede were suppose to be casting shadows from 2131-2421hrs according to SJAC What's Up calander.

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