Friday, December 9, 2016


Location:  Inside kitchen looking through sliding door windows, Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  December 9, 2016 1030-1330 hrs

December 9 - Windy, mostly sunny to mostly cloudy to completely cloudy, -2 C with windchill of -8 C.

December 16 - Strong gusty winds from the west, mostly Sunny all day, -18 C with windchill of -29 C.  Coldest day of this winter season.

December 19 - Light breeze, partly cloudy, -11C with windchill of -18C.

December 21 - Light breeze, Mostly sunny, warm thawing 1C.

December 27 - Strong wind to breezy, raining with sunshine breaks, 8C ground thawed after many days of freezing weather.

Attendance:  Myself.

Equipment:  Club 40 mm PST with 12.5 mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow.  New cellphone adapter

Objective:  To view and image Sun with clubs PST and to try a new cellphone adapter.


  • Sunspot group 2615 was very close to the outer limb in about the 7:30 o'clock position.  The rest of the face of Sun was blank.   Several prominence were surrounding this group.  One big one from the other day had changed shape from an arch to kind of a tree shape.
  • Noticed how low Sun was in the sky around noon.  Imaged it when clouds were moving in later on around 1330 hrs.
  • December 16 had no visible Sunspots, although Sunspot group 2617 has rotated onto our side of the Sun, it was too faint to see in PST.  Prominence activity had also slowed down considerably, with the large one around the lower left seemingly disappearing from view.  Took an image of PST at 1155 hrs to show elevation of Sun at Noon.
  • December 19 had no sunspots, no prominences, and no filaments that I could see.
  • December 21 had two forming sunspots and several prominences with no visible filaments.  Some growing activity.
  • December 27 two sunspot groups and filaments visible across face.  Several prominences on left side and upper left side.
  • New cellphone adapter works great and allows for use of different eyepieces.

Prominence just above the 9 o'clock position just barely visible in eyepiece.

Large prominence changed from Arch to this shape from Dec 6 to Dec 9.

Clouds moved in around noon then broke up around 1330 hrs.  Note how low sun is at 1330 hrs.

Elevation of the Sun at 1155 hrs December 16, 2016.

Images taken with my new Samsung Nexus 5 and processed with a photo editor.  December 27, 2016 at around 1250 hrs.

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