Sunday, April 17, 2016


Location:  Lower West Side Saint John, NB, Canada

Date Time:  April 15, 2016 2120-2200hrs AST

Weather:  Very windy, Clear, 1C with windchill of -6C.  A long stretch of relatively nice weather has allowed for succesive night observing, which has been a rarity since last fall.

Attendence:  Ed O and Myself

Equipment:  Canadian Telescopes 80mm ED/APO on a Vixen Alt/AZ mount and Canon Rebel Xsi with 18-55mm lens on a tripod.

Objective:  To view and image Mercury, the Moon and Jupiter.


  • Ed and I easily found Mercury over the Paper Mill, low in the West, showing up as a fairly bright star, just after evening twilight.  Ed commented on how high up it was.
  • A satellite was observed heading North through the Big Dipper.  Ursa Major was upside down and over polaris, high in the NNE.
  • Telescope was used to view the Moon.  
  • Jupiter was halfway up in the sky, in the SSE.  It was very close to a fairly bright star in Leo.  Ed and I both noted how close it was to the star, at first glance, through the telescope the star looked like one of Jupiters Moons.
  •  In the telescope, with 32mm eyepiece, three of its Moons showed up.  With higher magnification of the 4mm eyepiece the fourth Moon was very close to the gas giant.  Looked for a shadow on Jupiters' disk, but didnt see one.

Looking West at 2120hrs.

Note one of Jupiters Moons are very close to it, on the right side in the image

Cropped, close-up image of Jupiter

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