Thursday, October 15, 2015


Location:  Upper driveway, near boat and then near shed, Little Lepreau, NB

Date Time:  October 9, 2015 0520-0725hrs AST

Weather:  Frost, -1C, no wind and some clouds.

Attendance:  Ed O and David M.

Equipment:  Canon Rebel Xsi and 18-55mm lens on Tripod.

Objective:  To view and image morning conjunction of Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury that was suppose to be in the Eastern sky before sun-up.


  • Before first light, low in the East a Waning Crescent Moon was south of  Leo, amongst Venus, Mars  and Jupiter.
  • Images of the Northern sky were taken to capture Aurora activity.  No Aurora activity captured during observing period.
  • M31 observed naked eye in the North West also imaged.
  • Big Dipper was standing on its handle in the North East.
  • First light was just after 0630hrs.
  • Mercury made its first appearance around 0650hrs.  Showed up as a non twinkling star, between some clouds and amongst trees and power lines.  Was not easy to see.
  • I seen a slow moving, faint shooting star moving from the Orion(SE) direction through Leo(E).
  • Eds' observations by naked eye:  M42, Perseus Double Cluster(particularly bright!), Pleiades M45, a Draconid Meteor, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Regulus, and a Crescent Moon with Earthshine.
  • One shooting star observed by each of us separately, several satellites observed.


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