Wednesday, July 22, 2015


NASA has a spacecraft named New Horizons which has flown to the far off planet Pluto and taken thousands of images.  Its an easy google search to get all the info you want coming from New Horizons.

Below is an original "Pluto Picture of the Day" released this morning from the good people at New Horizons.  I have taken that image and processed it, then focused in on different areas.  Actually NASA encourages people to do this, and its quite fun to do.  Just download the image to your computer, then you can process it with your usual software, just like processing one of your own images.

In some of the cropped images, it appears that there are barnacle like mountains with huge holes in them.  In another image there is a massive forty mile across depression, and another shows a knife edge mountain range that runs North-south, relative to the image.

This is exciting because we are among the very first people to ever see this terrain!

Original Picture of the Day, unprocessed.

Original Picture of the Day Processed.

Large Mountain with what appears to be a hole in it.

Another huge mountain with what appears to be a hole in it.  It kind of looks like barnacle.  There are lots of these barnacle looking mountains on Pluto.

Huge depression area.

Many huge knife-edge like mountains that appear to be running generally north-south.

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