Monday, April 6, 2015

Nova Sgr 2015 No. 2

Location:  Dipper Harbour to Little Lepreau, NB, Canada

Date Time:  April 6, 2015 0500-0600hrs AST

Weather:  Some clouds to mainly clear, -15C, no wind.

Equipment:  Canon Rebel Xsi with 18-55mm lens, 20x80 binoculars and tripod.

Attendance:  Myself

Objective:  To view and image Nova Sagittarius 2015 No.2 which was reportedly brightening.

Report:  The Moon was one day past full, very bright and high in the SW sky.

Clouds covered the bottom half of Sagittarius when I arrived at Dipper Harbour.  Took a couple 30s and a couple 20 second time elapse images of Sagittarius and the Nova popped out immediately.

Looked with just naked eye for about a half hour and I could not see the Nova naked-eye, even with my eyes dark adjusted.  Set the binoculars on the tripod and the Nova popped out easily.  Estimate that it was at least 2/3 as bright as the main Sagittarius kettle stars.

Did a Comet Lovejoy and Comet Swan Search.  Both were in Cassiopeia at the time of this report.  I thought I seen Lovejoy in the binoculars, but it was very faint.  Could not see Comet Swan.  Did get Lovejoy in the images, to the north of  Cassiopeia.

On arrival back in Little Lepreau, around 0600hrs, noticed that Sagittarius can now be seen, just over the treetops from Little Lepreau Basin.

No Shooting Stars or satellites were seen.

This is the search area where Comet C/2015 F3 Swan.

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