Monday, November 26, 2012


LOCATION:  Little Lepreau, NB

DATE/TIME:  November 26, 2012 0615hrs

WEATHER:  -5 degrees Celsius, medium wind, few clouds.


EQUIPMENT:  Tripod, 28-80mm lens, Canon Rebel DSLR Camera.

REPORT:  This observer was surprised on this morning to see a nice close Venus-Saturn conjunction.  It was the first time Ive observed Saturn since it went behind the Sun this summer.  After checking on my star chart, it was determined that Mercury might also be visible if a good view of the eastern horizon could be had.  After driving down to the beach(Bay of Fundy), a very faint Mercury could be seen.  Mercury can be seen in two of these images.

Canon DSLR, Focal Lenght 58mm, 8 sec shutter speed, ISO 200.
Canon DSLR, 6 second shutter speed, focal length 28mm, ISO 200.

Canon DSLR, 4 second shutter speed, focal lenght 58mm, ISO 400.

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