Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pics From the Road

Date Time: October 12, 2010 0030hrs

Location: Prescott, ON

Weather: 2 degrees Celsius, no wind clear

Equipment: 20x80 Binos, Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera, Mount

Report: No Moon was up, so sky was quite dark. Orion showed up nicely in the SE, Cassiopeia was straight up and Jupiter's 4 moons showed up very nice with the binos. M42 resolved well in the binos as a bluish cloud with 4 stars in it of diminishing sizes. I'm pretty sure that Uranus is just above Jupiter and it shows up in one of the pictures. Observed the fairly large red disk of Betelgeuse.

Made an effort to find Comet Hartley, to no avail. It was just north west of Cassiopeia, last night, which put it almost straight overhead. This makes it very difficult to find with the binos. Hopefully, time and the weather will allow for a more thorough search with my 150mm reflector. With its Equatorial mount, it is designed to look straight up.

Picture Descriptions: From top to bottom. First two are of Jupiter. Last three are of Orion with the last one a close up of M42, The Great Orion Nebula.

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